I Am My Own Stress

For real. Do you ever feel like there’s just so much that needs done, nobody else is going to do it right, and there’s just not enough time in the day!?!

I need to calm my butt down.

Other people can do whatever it is that I’m stressing on. Because believe me, I’m not stressing on bills, the house, health, or anything really important. Those things are life that get dealt with.

I cause my own stress on little things: sweeping the floor, emptying the dishwasher, picking up shoes away the doorway, cleaning the refrigerator handle, adjusting the picture on the wall, picking up that one crumb that’s still on the counter…… See how dire all these issues are!? 😟🤔 Okay, actually not so dire. I know they aren’t that big, but I still stress myself on them!


Seriously though, it’s not really that bad. And I actually think I thrive on ther stress I create for myself. Everything gets done and everyone jumps in to help when I start on my little spurts of stress. It’s pretty nice. Things get done really quickly.

None of the above little issues really matter. I mean, those crumbs need cleaned up. For real. They absolutely need to get off my counter. But it doesn’t have to be done 5 minutes ago, right? It can be in 5 minutes from now. 🤷‍♀️😁


Tiny Human!

Kids. Tiny humans. I LOVE MINE!!!

A lot of us have kids. But first, we were kids. How many of us were like, “Whatever, Mom.” Like, all the time. Then we have our own tiny humans. Then we understand.

They are amazing! It’s love at first sight, which you always hear, but it is so true. How could I produce such a perfect little human being? How are humans so small at the beginning? How can they function when they are so tiny?

I’m obviously pretty magical if I made such a perfect tiny human. That much is crystal clear.

What isn’t so clear is how I came to be so magical. My tiny humans are perfect! I can stare at them in awe and amazement and it never gets old. They aren’t like anyone else’s tiny humans. They are all mine and totally unique.

Yes, sometimes it gets hard, like “Are you finally done pooping?” “You just ate!” “Pleeeeease go to sleep!” And so on. But – then they’re all amazing again!

Seriously – just look at your tiny human and see how they are growing, and how their little brains are figuring everything out with their tiny hands, and their eyes, and by using all of their senses – which they know how to use!

I make tiny humans. It’s one of my many talents.